The Wine Buff Selection Margaux Quintessence 2016

Château des Graviers is located in the village of Arsac, this family estate has been prospering through four generations and is a Cru Artisan vineyard. The Cru Artisan classification is only given to independently owned Châteaux that offer consistently high quality wine. Re-established by the French government in 2006, only 44 Châteaux have currently earned the Cru Artisan designation making it even more exclusive than Cru Bourgeois.

The vineyard makes a small quantity of its special reserve every year and our hands on relationship with the Christophe allows us to select his best parcel of vines to create and blend an exceptional Wine Buff Quintessence selection, only about 20 cases of our blend are produced every year.   

Deep purple color, earthy notes with a hint of thyme and mint, complex but well integrated aromas of delicate blueberry, blackcurrant, cherry with mild hints of oak and floral notes. Layered deep structures of berries keep coming, but are never overpowering. Full-bodied with a gentle silky quality and long lingering finish. A refreshing wine not a vanilla Parker killer.

France, Bordeaux 13%
Cork In the next twenty years.
Roast Lamb dishes,  75cl
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc