Paddy O Flynn standing in a vineyard in St Emilion France

The weather here in the south of France has been very erratic for 2024, and the pattern looks set to continue.

The end of January saw ‘June-like’ temperatures in parts of the south, and several record-breaking highs on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

February and March saw a mix of warm and cold, alongside serious floods and storms, we certainly needed the rains here in Bordeaux to replenish reserves, but the vineyards remained dormant. April has already seen two heat spikes, with temperatures two weeks ago reaching up to 30C.

At the start of last week (April 15) however they fell suddenly, leading to morning frosts in some regions. 

This has continued, with temperatures unlikely to reach averages usually seen in February. The result will be late budding in the vineyards. In 2022 an overly warm April caused early budding, and many vineyards were wiped out by heavy frosts at the end of April.

However, winemakers in Chablis, are already taking precautions in the vineyards and are lighting up the torches for the next few nights with colder weather forecast. 

Hopefully, milder weather will roll in soon and we will avoid the frosts here in Bordeaux. 

Cheers, Paddy

April 26, 2024 — Paddy O'Flynn

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