Condalo de Almara Finca Linte 2022

To some Navarra is where Pamplona’s Fiestas de San Fermin “Running of the Bulls” is held annually. However, Navarra’s first documented wineries date back to the 1st century. In the past the region has been overshadowed by its neighbour Rioja and had some presence with its Rose wines. But times are a changing, in recent years their wineries have been modernised and are now producing reds that have the world of wine taking note.  

Bodegas Macaya is a typical example of this new found approach, the family have been growing vines on their lands for years and in 1999 bought the old village winery in Larraga in the Ribera Alta region of Navarre, the winery was upgraded and renovated and now combines new technology with traditional wine making methods.

This 100% un-oaked Tempranillo has a deep aroma of cherry, strawberry and some spices. The taste is structured, full of flavour, meaty and food friendly, with soft supple tannin's, great with pasta and all meats.

Spain, Navarra 13%
In the next 2 years
Pasta, Pork, Red Meat 75cl