Bodega Sierra Norte 1564 Syrah 2021

The grapes are sourced from vineyards grown in a balanced, caring, and sustainable way. The grapes arrive at the winery early in the morning when the temperature is fresher. Fermentation is made with natural yeasts. Minimal intervention with pump ups, which extracts low tannin's and makes the wine fruity, with low astringency, all this without losing the expression of the Syrah grape, terroir and the environment.

Intense cherry red colour. Ripe red and black fruit on the nose. Blackberry, blueberry, spices with a hint of cloves. Warm on the palate with a slight sweetness, mild tannins with a balanced acidity and a long lingering finish.  

Spain, Tierra de Castilla 11%
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Red Meat, Cured Meats, Pork 75cl


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