Bodega Sierra Norte Pasion de Bobal 2021

The cellar of Bodega Sierra Norte is located in Requena and the vines grow about 900 metres above sea level in the village of Camporrobles, close to Utiel. The Bodega was started in 1995 and the first wines bottled in 1999. In the past the region was better known for the production of bulk wine, but recently local growers have focused more on quality and bottling. Among these is Sierra Norte who are leading the drive for better wines using local varieties. Bobal a local grape plays a major part in their red wines and all grapes grown are certified organic, the focus of the Bodega is always quality and not quantity.

This wine is made from 100% Bobal which is the 3rd most planted grape in Spain. In the glass its almost purple, with open, warm spicy aromas of blackberry, raspberry and plum.

The taste is big and bold with loads of ripe, chocolate driven dark fruits, sour cherry and violet floral notes. Real depth with supple tannin's for structure. 

Spain, Utiel Requena 13%
Cork In the next 4 years
Red Meat, Lamb 75cl