Braidot Pinot Grigio 2023

Since 1870 the Braidot family has dedicated itself with perseverance and devotion to farming. Today the estate extends over an area of 100 hectares; 80 of which are vineyards and 20 are farmland and forestry. From the careful selection of the grapes, the wines grow with unique fragrances, which are typical of the Friuli lands.

Thanks to the hard work, passion and devotion to the land the Braidot family have always embraced new technology, but are also firmly rooted in the traditions of wine making passed on from generation to generation.

Appealing straw-yellow colour. Delicately fruity, with a hint of banana. Lightly dry yet extremely fresh. It's pleasantly balanced with an elegant structure that makes this an unusually refined Pinot Grigio wine. 

Italy, Friuli 13%
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Chicken, Fish, Salad 75cl
Pinot Grigio