Domaine Colbois 1er Cru Côte de Jouan 2022

Côte de Jouan is a Premier Cru region of Chablis, located southwest of Chablis town near the village of Courgis. The small vineyard is distinguished from the land around it by its high-quality soils and steep slopes, giving it a terroir that is excellently suited to creating Chablis' that expresses the regions unique characteristics. Côte de Jouan Premier Cru wines are typically bright and chalky with some floral characters. The wines in Chablis often have a "flinty" note, sometimes described as "goût de pierre à fusil" ("tasting of gunflint”), and sometimes as "steely". In comparison with the white wines from the rest of Burgundy, Chablis has on average much less influence of oak in its wines. Benjamon Colbois consistently produces better and better premier cru from his small vineyard in the Côte de Jouan, this vintage is no exception. 

A concentrated, rich wine, very mineral and textured in character with layers of citrus, apple and yellow fruit flavors with a steely edge.  Drink with fish and chicken dishes.

France, Burgundy, Chablis 12.5%
Cork In the next 4 years
Chicken, Seafood 75cl